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Are you interested in helping review Open Humans projects? We would love your help! :heart_eyes: Open Humans projects are diverse: they may be managed by individuals, research teams, organizations, and more. With the ex…

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The Open Humans invites people to create “projects” that interact with members – these interactions form the basis for the platform and ecosystem. Projects have broad potential uses: they can add new data, receive access…

Approval for lineage (7)
Approval for Open Impute (8)
Approval for Google search history analyzer ( 2 ) (30)
Approval for UbiQomix Microbiome Exploration (8)
(re)approval for Genevieve Genome Report (8)
Approval for RescueTime connection (8)
Approval for Resilience Project Study (11)
(re-)approval for Twitter Archive Analyzer (6)
(re-)approval for project openSNP (7)